Hi everyone… ¬†just wanted to update you on Tyler.

The nurse came out today to get Tyler’s blood and make sure he’s okay. He’s still on IVs. They sent us six great big boxes of medication so he has the medicine he needs till we go home. Thank God for that. I am so disgusted with Medicaid. Tyler has two bacterial infections. He will see Dr. Rodriguez on Thursday, hoping to get the stitches taken out of his neck. They are from ear to ear.

Tyler is eating soft stuff and doing well with that. He has a long way to go. I will never give up until Tyler is all well.

Ashley is worn out. She has to hook Tyler up like nine times a day and all through the night. I want to thank all of Tyler’s angels out there. You all have been so wonderful and we thank God each day that you all love Tyler, Your love, prayers and support have meant so much to us and have kept Tyler with us. Thank each of you. We love you all. Thank you all so much. We will be coming back to Maryland each month for a while. The hard part is that we can’t get a flight, so we will have to drive. It will work out. God hears our prayers and hasn’t forsaken us yet. Love, love, love you all! Keep praying for our boy.

Darlene cox ,Tyler tucker
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