I have been sitting at the doctor’s office with Tyler today. He’s doing OK…still on his IV, still has a nurse coming out, still getting medication delivered ever week. Tyler will be headed back to Maryland next week to see Dr. Rodriguez to have his line checked on, to see where we go from here, and to make sure his jaw is okay.

Tyler has a long way to go so please keep him in your prayers. This boy is a trooper, a fighter and I know he’s going to win this battle .Tyler wanted me to take him to Bojangles. Well, of course I did! The lady taking the orders said to me, “If you don’t mind, please tell me what’s wrong with this child.” I told her a little bit and she came around the counter and said that she had to hug Tyler. She said she didn’t know what it was, but that Tyler had touched her heart. She then said that God had placed Tyler there for her to meet. Ashley told her that Tyler had been through 50 surgeries and that he will be going to Maryland once a month for a while. When we left, Tyler said, “Nanny, that was really a nice lady. God will bless her.”

We thank all Tyler’s angels out there. You all have been wonderful, and we are so grateful. Anyone who wants to help Tyler can donate at my pay pal account at . Also, Tyler loves the cards and notes. Thank you all for sending them. Kiss your kids and tell them each day you love them. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. God bless, we love you all.

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