Keep those prayers coming, God is hearing them!

Hello every one,

I wanted to update and let you all know that Tyler is still doing really well. He’s walking well after just having the screws put in to hold his foot on to the big leg bone. He’s not having a lot of pain from the leg surgery. Thank God for that. His jaw is painful at times, but he is coping with that, along with taking pain medication. We are hoping he will get to attend school with the other kids this year and not have to be home bound. That will be up to Dr. Rodriguez and the weather. When it gets cold, Tyler hurts.

God has been so good. He’s been with us all the way, and I know that with my faith, my TyTy will one day be a lot better.

I had a yard sale last Saturday and Sunday to get the kids some school clothes and put a little in Tyler’s account. Gosh, it was so hard. George and I just about died trying to do the yard sale, although we had a little help Saturday. There was no help Sunday.

At the end of the sale, this couple came, donated fifty dollars and helped us get everything packed up, thank God. I was so sore that I could hardly walk the next day. But I did it to help my boy. I love Tyler and his brothers so much. I told Tyler what I had made at his yard sale and he gave me the biggest hug. I had a fever blister it started bleeding and Tyler was saying, “Nanny, I am so sorry.” I told him I was fine and that his hug was worth everything I have ever done. He’s such a strong boy. What a trooper.

Thank all Tyler’s angels out there for all that you have done to help. He loves getting mail and your donations help Tyler get to Maryland for all the doctors he needs so much. It’s hard to have to travel so much so far from home. Without your help, Tyler cannot go to Maryland. You all are truly Tyler s angels and are helping to save his life. Please never give up on Tyler

Most important, God hears your prayers. I know God has a plan for Tyler.

Tyler wants to go to Disneyland for his birthday October 9. The social worker in Maryland is trying to get this for him, but we are not sure it will happen. That would really make Tyler happy. Maybe she will be able to arrange it. He sure deserves it after all the surgeries he’s had. It’s fifty-three surgeries now… If not, it wasn’t meant to happen.

Tyler goes once again to see Dr. Rodriguez on September 6 to test for that virus he needs to have his bone transplant. Please pray that he gets it soon. I really don’t know what might happen if not.

I am going to say good night. It’s twelve pm here and I have to get up go to the doctor’s office tomorrow. God bless and remember to tell your kids you love them every day. You don’t know what tomorrow may bring


Froggin’    (F.R.O.G. – fully rely on God)









Tyler tucker c/o Darlene cox

Po box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

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