It’s almost time to take Tyler back to Maryland; he has to be there on the 6th. Looks like I may have to go by myself, his mom Ashley is sick and so is papa George. So I will be going with Tyler if neither of them is able to go. As of now we will fly to Maryland, I pray that Tyler has the virus he needs to start getting him ready for the bone transplant. He’s doing just awesome and loves getting to go to school. He did say he had to walk a lot and that made his legs hurt him. I want to thank all Tiggerville school staff and children for understanding and loving Tyler for your love and support of Tyler and our family.

I think his little jaw is starting to look bad, but it hasn’t been hurting him much. As he grows, it will get worse. Tyler will have to have lots of trips to Maryland to see Dr. Rodriguez and for surgeries. He still has a long way to go.

God hears all your prayers, and has taken a lot of the pain away. I am asking you all to please never give up on Tyler .he needs your love and prayers .I still cannot believe those SC doctors just gave up on Tyler. I am so glad though, that we found Dr. Rodriguez and his crew. Dr. Rodriguez told me he would never give up on Tyler and that one day, he will find a way to fix Tyler’s jaw.

In case anyone doesn’t know, cancer ate Tyler’s jaw and lung away he is in remission but the aftermath has been as bad as the cancer Tyler has had 54 surgeries now. September is childhood cancer month, so please pray for all the cancer kids along with Tyler.

We still need donations. We cannot take Tyler to Maryland, six hundred miles from home without the help of his angels. We are so grateful to all of you. We could use McDonald’s, Subway or Wal-Mart gift cards. They have McDonald’s and Subway inside the hospital. You can donate at

PayPal ">  or mail us a gift card at Tyler

" target="_blank">
Tyler Tucker C/O Darlene Cox
Po Box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610.

Please know that everything donated goes in Tyler’s account for his travel and medical needs. Medicaid won’t pay for a lot of Tyler’s medication in Maryland, but is helping on the hospital bills. Dr. Rodriguez is donating his services; we still have gotten some hospital bills that amount to eight hundred dollars that Medicaid wouldn’t pay.

There are a lot of trips we cannot get a flight and have to drive that takes a lot of gas. Then there is food needed while in Maryland. We have had to go to Maryland already eight times this year so far, and then we have trips here in Greenville to his leg doctors. Tyler just had screws put in his ankle to hold his foot on to the big bone. I know not everyone can donate, but everyone can pray.

Tyler is a trooper and never complains about all the trips and hospital stays.
Now I want to tell you all that I thank God for my weight loss. I feel so much better. I even went out yesterday and worked in the yard on flowerbeds .I was sweating up a storm, but I did it. I couldn’t have a year ago; it would have killed me. I love all of you so much. You are Tyler’s angels. I am still praying that Tyler will get the Disney trip for his birthday.
Love, love, love you all

Thank god for your prayers, they’re working.

froggin’    (f.r.o.g. – fully rely on god)



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