Tyler went to see the doctor yesterday about his leg hurting. He took x-rays and said that the muscle in Tyler’s leg is messed up from the surgery he had in Maryland. He said that they are going to try a muscle relaxer until the 16th and see if that helps. If not, he will have to take shots each week. If the shots don’t work, he will have to operate on the leg again.

We have an appointment November 8 to go back to Maryland to see Dr. Rodriguez and figure out the next step in what to do about the jaw. Tyler is so skinny and really looking so tired. I am really afraid he will have to have a feeding tube before long.

The doctors have talked about a feeding tube. He eats, but the food isn’t doing him much good. He weighs 70 pounds and should way over 100. My five-year-old Nathan weighs 55 pounds. I told Dr. Rodriguez’s that if he can figure out how to use parts of my body, I will give them to Tyler.

We also got in touch with Dr. Rodriguez about Tyler’s jaw. It is really swollen. He wants us to go see Dr. Brew here in Greenville for x-rays, and then Dr. Brew will call him if we need to go to Maryland. Tyler has been in a lot of pain lately and has not been able to go to school.

He asked me yesterday on the way to the doctor if his face was swollen. He said he could feel it. He said, “My mouth doesn’t line up anymore, Nanny.” He said that he took school pictures this year, but pleases not to ask him to take any more pictures. He said, “I am said because I can’t smile.”

We sat in doctor’s office from eight till about twelve and then had to go get meds. By then he was hungry, and Ethan gave me a fit. He didn’t want to sit in the doctor’s office. I have been putting about 70 to 8o dollars in gas every week to get Tyler and his dad to his doctor and Ashley down to bargain foods. It takes my whole social security check. Thank God we have papa’s disability to pay bills with.

Tyler says he loves school, his teacher and his class. Tiggerville School has been so good to us, and they love Tyler. Mrs. Orosco, the school counselor, and Miss Pat have bent over backward to help us. So has the rest of the staff. Thank you all Tyler’s angels at Tiggerville School. Thank you for taking us under your wing and loving Tyler. They love Tyler so much. This is an amazing school. Even the kids stop me and tell me they love Tyler and that they pray for him.

Tyler turned twelve on the ninth. We took him to Lil’ Rebel so he can suck on Helen’s chicken wings. I want to thank all Tyler’s angels out there that made his birthday a great success. He loved all the gifts and cards. Thank you so much. Your love and support have kept Tyler here. Tyler knows there are so many people out there who love him and care about what happens to him.

More recently, we took Tyler to see the surgeon here in Greenville. He looked at his jaw and said that the reason he’s hurting so bad is because his face is going sideways again and pulling at the other side. so it’s making both sides hurt. He said he has no idea why Tyler’s jaw is swelling. He gave him stronger pain medication, and was calling Dr. Rodriguez’s so now we play the waiting game.

I hope we hear soon from Dr. Rodriguez’s office. I hate that Tyler has to stay on medication to keep from hurting, his legs are still hurting and he goes back to Dr. BeckI on the 16th to decide what to do about his leg, I hate that he’s not able to attend school. They are setting up home bound for him.

I just wish I knew how to help Tyler. I love him so much. Tyler is facing more surgery and has a long way to go, I know gods hearing your prayers so please keep praying. Tyler is looking weak. And he’s really tired all the time. Maybe from the painkillers. Tyler’s one strong kid. 54 surgeries and he’s still fighting. What a trooper he is.

Tyler’s dad is still in a lot of pain, but is better and walking around. He had fallen and fractured his back in two places a few weeks ago. Tyler’s brothers and Nathan are doing ok. God bless all Tyler’s angels out there.

Steven, thank you for always being there for Tyler. You’re one awesome person. I tell the world that your family must be so proud of you. Even though Tyler never met you, you have loved him and stuck by him for I think about 8 years now. Also, Mrs. Flash, you have been with Tyler for 10 years, since he was two. I know God placed you all in Tyler’s life. You are his angels. Thank you, thank you.

Thanks to the lady that just donated a trailer load of stuff for another yard sale. All this helps so much. Tyler is so grateful that you all are helping him and his family.  If anyone wants to donate a gas card, it sure would help out, or as usual, you can donate at PayPal . Thank God that Tyler’s angels care.  And if anyone is having a yard sale and would donate leftovers to Tyler, I will store them till we have enough to have a yard sale. We can pick up if you’re in or around Greenville or Travelers Rest .

We love you all. Please pray for Tyler and our family. And please tell your kids you love them each day, even if they are grown. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. And always remember that God is in control.

And also thank you Miss Jessica for taking care of tylertucker.com for Tyler. You have also been an angel for Tyler.

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We love you all!

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