Hello Tyler’s angels, good news first the Marty Lyons foundation has approved Tyler’s wish for Disney, has also approved for Nanny and Papa and Nathan to go along with Tyler and his family! Tyler was so happy when I told him. Unfortunately, we can’t take him there right now. We will have to put it off until we see Dr. Rodriguez on November 8 and find out more about Tyler’s new problems with the jaw.

We asked if we could wait and try to go in January. This is a fantasy vacation that Tyler will never forget. I pray he will be able to go in January. His leg is hurting and he has been put on amitriptyline 100mg tablets for depression and muscle pain. Dr. Becklish said that the muscles in Tyler’s leg are damaged from the surgeries and that he will hurt the rest of his life from it.

Also, his jaw is hurting because it’s going sideways and pulling on the other side, causing both sides to hurt. Tyler has no jaw joint on one side of his face. Just skin covering his jaw. He’s on different strong pain medications for the jaw pain. Please keep praying for Tyler.

Cancer and the surgeries have destroyed his little body. He’s had 54 surgeries now and is facing more…all 600 miles from home. Thank God for Dr. Rodriguez and his team and all Tyler’s angels out there. No matter how you have helped, we are so grateful. Tyler loves all the cards and thanks for all the gifts and cards sent for his birthday. He said Nanny, “There are lots of people out there that care about me.”

The Greenville County Cancer Society is doing a story on Tyler. It will be on their site and published in their magazine. They called and said that Tyler had stolen the hearts of many, many people and that they love him. Tyler is a trooper.

I also want to tell you that the homebound finally got started and Tyler got his teacher Mrs. Bright back. He loves this teacher so much, and she is so good with him. Thank you Mrs. Bright!

Thank you to all who have donated to Tyler and our family. Without the donations Tyler cannot go to Maryland. Without going to Maryland for his medical needs, I just don’t know what might happen. I hate to even think of it. So please, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and promise you every donation is spent on Tyler’s medical expenses and traveling to doctors. God bless.

Please keep praying for Tyler and our family. Tyler has been fighting for 10 years now and you can tell. He’s tired and weak, but he will never give up. And I will never give up on my boy. I just wish I could fix it, to make all the surgeries needles, pain and long trips, all go away. I can’t, but I can always be there for Tyler and his mom. We love you all. I am asking you to please stay with us as Tyler tries to win this battle. We love you all so much.

I pray that you don’t have a cancer child and that you never get one. It’s not over even if the cancer does go in remission. It’s still a long hard journey. You sit and pray every surgery that he’s going to make it through. And then you sit and watch all the tubes, all the suffering, and wonder if your baby will get through another one. So far, Tyler has been strong, and we have kept our faith. God bless, we love you all.

Anyone that wants to donate to this dear sweet child can do so in one of the following ways:



Snail mail:
Tyler tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO box 14386

Greenville SC 29610

Tyler’s sites:




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