Hello everyone,

I took Tyler, Jayden and Ethan trick or treating last night. Tyler’s dad is still hurting with his back and their mom has a tooth hurting. We were not going to take them at first, but Jayden cried all the way home from school saying he wanted to go trick or treating. So about 6:30, Papa George and I dressed the boys and went out. We didn’t get to stay long because Tyler started hurting and had to get back for his pain medication.

Tyler will be going to Maryland to see Dr. Rodriguez on Thursday next week. They will be planning Tyler’s next surgery. He’s really getting in bad shape. Please say a prayer for Tyler and me. Tyler has to go to his leg doctor in Greenville next week. He’s getting to where it hurts him to walk.

It takes a lot of gas and food money for all these trips. When you have to spend the day at doctors, you have to feed the kids, it gets rough sometimes. If you haven’t already, would you please put Tyler tucker on your church’s prayer list?

Tyler only weighs about 63 pounds. He should be over 120 at twelve years old. They had mentioned a feeding tube. Oh, how I wish Dr. Rodriguez was here in Greenville. It would make things so much better. 600 miles is a long way from home.

Thanks to all Tyler’s angels, we have been able to take him to Maryland. But without your donations, we could not have done it. I just hope we can keep taking him. You all have saved Tyler’s life so far, but he has a long way to go. I don’t think I would be able to stand it if God decided that it was TyTy’s time, even going through all he has. He’s a happy child. He wraps those long arms around me and says, “Nanny, I love you.” In addition, that make everything I do for him and his brothers all worthwhile. I will fight for Tyler till the end.

I don’t understand why Tyler has to go through all this and I find myself asking God “why?” one day I will know. Pray, pray, pray for my boys. As usual, we need your donations… or even a subway or McDonald’s food card to use while at the University of Maryland Hospital would be great. I know there are so many out there that need help and it’s hard for people now. Just know that Tyler and I are grateful and love you all so much. I hope God blesses you today and every day.

Tyler’s says he’s blowing you all a kiss. Please remember all the people who have lost their homes and so much more because of Sandy. They also need a lot of prayers. Please tell your kids you love them each day, even if they are grown. You never know what may happen.

One more prayer request… my daughter Gail who is 43 has been in and out of the hospital for the last three months. She’s home, but not doing well at all. She says she doesn’t want to live. Please say a prayer for Gail.
FROGgin’ (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)


You can donate to help Tyler at
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