Please, anyone who doesn’t want updates on Tyler, let me know in a nice way. I will take you off our mailing list. I got a really smart email from Lisa (I won’t give a last name). She said she was tired of hearing about Tyler and not to ever email her again. This is a child that may not live a long life, and I know that he’s been fighting for years. I am only trying to save my grandchild, and she had to have emailed me, or I wouldn’t have had her email. We are suffering already. We don’t need more.

First, I want to start by thanking God, the Flights of Hope and their crew for the wonderful flight to Maryland. Thank you all for loving and supporting Tyler and our family. Also, thank the Greenville County Cancer Society for the $75 to eat while we were in Maryland, and for helping with Tyler’s family’s light bill. And thanks to the Marty Lyon’s Foundation for making Tyler’s wish come true. He will go to Give Kids the World at Disney on January 8. You are all angels sent from heaven and we love you so much.

We have some bad news… so sad. Tyler will have to have another jaw replacement surgery. Dr. Rodriguez said that he was getting a jaw built just for Tyler. He said that if we don’t do this, Tyler will not be able to eat before long, and that he will be in awful pain. Tyler still hasn’t got that darn virus he needs to do the transplant from his father. Dr. Rodriguez also said that we will have to keep Tyler on the Loratab until he can get the jaw made, and that we need to get prepared. He wants Tyler to take the Disney trip before the surgery, just in case he has to stay in hospital in Maryland a long time. He said our stay would be three to four weeks if everything goes all right.

Please, please pray for Tyler and our family. He’s been through so much. Dr. Rodriguez said that he would contact us soon as the jaw is ready for Tyler’s surgery. This will be number 56 for Tyler. I hate what cancer has done to my boy, and every other child. Unless you have a child like Tyler, you don’t know the hardship and the stress it puts on your family. Tyler has to go so far for treatment. It is worse for our family, traveling 600 miles each way. Thank all Tyler’s angels, no matter what you do to help. We are so grateful.

Tyler’s dad is still having bad pain from falling and breaking his back, but he was able to watch the boys while we took Tyler to Maryland. Poor mom has three teeth hurting her that she have her crying every day. We’re trying to figure out how to get the money to get them pulled for her. She’s an awesome mom and would give her life for her boys. I want you all to know that I have my faith and that I will never give up on Tyler. I know that without God, Tyler wouldn’t be here.

I am so grateful that Tyler has so many angels out there that love him. Thank God the house is paid off.

Please keep praying for Tyler and our family. If you can donate, please do. Your donations have helped Tyler with the medical treatments he so desperately needs. God bless, we love you all!


FROGgin’    (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)

for Tyler

you can donate to help Tyler at
pay-pal  ">

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

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