Hello everyone,

This will be a short update; there’s not much to tell. Things are just about the same as when I last updated. Tyler is still taking his medication for pain. His dad is still hurting from a broken back. On top of that, Ashley got an infection from getting her tooth pulled and ended up at the ER. Jayden, Nathan and Ethan are doing great, thank God.

Tyler wants me to take him shopping and let him get some Christmas gifts. This was strange. He never asks to go shopping. Tyler said he wants to buy for his brothers and himself. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we don’t have the money. I tried to change his mind and told him we would have to push him in his wheelchair because he wouldn’t be able to walk that long, and that there would be bunches of people there. I think he saw a black Friday commercial on TV.

I don’t think I will be able to take him. Finances are really low and he has surgery coming up as soon as they get his new jaw made.

I have my faith, and I will pray about this one. Can you believe Christmas is only four weeks away?

Tyler and his cousin… the only great grand girl. We have seven boys.

We had all eight grand kids over yesterday. What a blessing in my life!

Thanks to all of Tylers angels. Please keep praying. We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please be safe.

We love and appreciate you all so much. I know in my heart that your prayers have kept Tyler with us.

froggin’  (F.R.O.G. – Fully Rely On God)


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