Tyler got the stitches out today. Everything looks good except one little place has come apart. I sure hope it doesn’t come open. We’d have to come right back here to Maryland.

They didn’t put stitches back in it. We were told to watch it closely and if it gets any bigger, to get him back to the office. We have to be extra carefully about handling things. Infection could set in and that would be really bad.

We will go home soon and come back in a month. Then they will tell us when they will do Tyler’s next surgery. Tyler has been through so much and he’s a long way from being well. So please keep praying for him. He’s really doing well right now and looks good, but the hospital cement in his jaw won’t last and more surgery coming. I was so happy to see Dr. Rodriguez. He gave me my hug and we all took a picture with him. I will post it soon. Gosh, I love this doctor and trust him. He’s god sent.

You all are also god sent. Thank you for all your love and support. you all have showed how much you care. We love you all.

Please send all cards back to Tyler’s PO Box 14386 Greenville SC 29611


Darlene Cox, Tyler Tucker

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