Hi Everyone,

Well, Tyler’s not feeling so well he has a real bad cold. It seems to be a little better today. We are still waiting to hear from John Hopkins about his jaw surgery. Tyler is having lots of trouble chewing. His jaw hurts and gets sore from trying to chew. He still has pain in his legs. We were told that scar tissue was making his leg hurt and that part of the scaring would have to be removed. Always some thing going on with Tyler.

Our children are still enjoying all their Christmas. You all are just so awesome. We thank God for each of you. Tyler really liked all the cards and thanks all the schools and others that sent them to him.

Keep praying; Tyler has a long way to go yet. He’s facing many surgeries as he grows. Be sure to visit the guest book and let us know you stopped by with another prayer.

Tyler loves his teacher that comes to the house and is doing really good with his school work

A lot of people have ask that we leave Tylers page, so until Caring Bridge says to remove it, we will let it stay active.

Happy New Year we love you all!

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