Hi Everyone,

We have never and will never give up! Tyler has scans here at Greenville tomorrow. They will be taken of his jaw and head. Scans will be sent to the Doctor in Maryland who is going to study them and try to come up with a way to help Tyler. We are hoping that they will be able to do some kind of Titanium Jaw (if it can be done) and a hinge. I think we found the right Doctor and Hospital.

We might have to go stay in Maryland for a few months that will be okay if it helps Ty-Ty. Thank each of you that helped with getting Tyler to John Hopkins. You know who you are. Also, thank you Joe for all your help and caring about our family. You’ve got to be the worlds greatest therapist. You are so much appreciated!

Please keep praying for Tyler. He’s still got a long ways to go. I think we are own the right track now. It’s all in Gods hands.

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