Letting you all know that Tyler is doing okay. He is still hurting in his jaw and leg and won’t leave the house at all because of the pain. The school carnival is tomorrow but he doesn’t want to go. I am trying to talk him in to going.

I am trying to get things ready for our trip to Maryland on November 7, but I’m not sure how we are getting there.

Dr. Michael Chrissy and Dr. Brando Bojovic are supposed to set up Tyler’s jaw surgery and make sure no infection has set in. they are a part of Dr. Rodriguez’s team.

I have my faith and no god will provide a way for us to make the trip. Tyler’s birthday is on October 9. He would love to get lots of cards to wish him a happy birthday. Then I can figure out what to do about Christmas  for Tyler’s family.

A special thank you to all Tyler’s angels. Thank you for caring about Tyler and our family. Without you, Tyler would be miserable. But because you care, he is a happy child. As you all know, I would cut my arms off, beg, plead, whatever I have to do, to get Tyler and his brothers the help they need. I just put my trust in god and pray a lot. God does hear my prayers and is with me in every one of Tyler’s surgeries.

God bless you all. We love you!


Froggin’    (f.r.o.g. – fully rely on god)




You can donate to help Tyler at


Tyler tucker c/o Darlene Cox

PO Box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

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