Hi everyone,

Well, Tyler’s about the same. He’s taking his pain medication. Tyler has three appointments coming up here in Greenville with a surgeon about his jaw, with his leg doctor and with a pain clinic. He’s such a trooper. Tyler’s still saying he does not want his hipbone taken, but he will still have surgery. They will take the jaw that was built for him and put in his jaw. God bless each of you for all your love a support of Tyler. Ashley is doing a little better after having her teeth taken out.

I have been hurting in my legs, knees and hips, causing me to stumble and fall, so I had to go get an MRI. Bad news, the doctor said that she didn’t realize it was so bad. She said I would have to have surgery. I have appointments with surgeon on Dec 5. I am hoping they can wait till after Tyler’s surgery on January 27. I don’t know because doctor said that if I don’t have both knees operated on that in a year’s time, I won’t be able to walk … and it may not be fixable. she said that all the cartilage is gone and she does not even know how I am walking around now, so please put this in your prayers, and know that we are grateful and thank god for all Tyler’s angels .

Frogging’ (f.r.o.g. – fully rely on god)




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Tyler tucker c/o Darlene Cox

Po Box 14386

Greenville, SC 29610

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