The doctors in Maryland called yesterday talked to Ashley. They still want to use the hipbone to replace the jaw on Jan. 24. They said that they now have a tub of some kind that they didn’t have before and that there is a possibility that it will help with the surgery. They said the surgery will be a rough one, but it will help Tyler with some of the horrible pain he’s been having.

Tyler will have to have a pain pump in his hip along with all the pain medication. The doctor also told Ashley that this is still a temporary fix and that Tyler will have to keep having these surgeries all his life to keep him from hurting and to let him be able to eat and function. There is no permanent fix for Tyler’s jaw.

Oh, how I hurt for my TyTy. Please pray for him. It’s all in god’s hands. I am asking god to please wrap his arms around Tyler and keep him safe. Tyler will be in Maryland three weeks or longer. We have the Ronald McDonald house set up for a month. It won’t be long until Tyler will have to go to Maryland again. I know god will take care of my boy.

We need donations for Tyler and his surgery. Doctor Rodriguez is not there now and they will be charging us whatever Tyler’s South Carolina Medicaid won’t pay. Please pray that our finances will get better. God is good and will provide a way. God bless each of you and thanks to all Tyler’s angels out there. Without your love, prayers and support, there would be no Tyler. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The hard part is that I will be having surgery on Feb. 13 and won’t be able to go with Tyler. My pre op will be Feb. 5. I have to have skin removed from losing so much weight. My doctor also said this would be hard, but that I would be so glad, I had it done. My Medicare has approved it because of large sores where the skin hangs.

I have had a hard week. Christmas is all most here and I had two sweet cousins this week that earned their wings. Ruby Little and my uncle Aron’s 21-year-old grandson, Jason. RIP you will be missed.

Darlene Cox, Tyler tucker
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