Hello everyone,

Great news, Tyler has had another week of very little pain (Thank God!) Your prayers are being heard. Taking those metal plates and screws out helped with the pain. Now there’s nothing there to hold the jaw, so when he tries to eat his mouth goes in a circle motion. That, and only a few teeth, makes it really hard for Tyler to eat. We haven’t heard from John Hopkins in Maryland yet; hoping to hear soon MUSC Hospital has all the paper worked signed and said that they will have all the paper work done and sent to Dr. Redett next week. Then it will take them a while to go over them and let us know if they think they can help Tyler. Please pray about this. I pray that we have fond some one that can help TyTy .

We go back to MUSC to see Dr Gross (he’s the leg doctor) and then to see Dr. White, the ear doctor. Tyler still can’t hear out of one ear.

Tyler was one of the sponsored children on “Make a Child Smile” for October. He received tons of cards and stickers and that has really kept him smiling the whole month. I want to thank all of you you know who you are. You were a blessing! Also thank you to all that sent us gas cards and money for gas. It is so much appreciated. Tyler may have not gotten to his appoints 4 hours away from home if you all didn’t care. Thank you for loving Tyler and caring about our family.

Also Christmas will soon be here and we will be asking that some one adopt Tyler and his brother for for Christmas. We will need help with all the traveling we have to do with Tyler to MUSC Hospital and doctor visits. So also pray about this.


People in general, are worrying about a lot of things right now… But remember one thing… TIME, for kids battling a serious illness, DOESN’T STOP!! No matter if the world is coming to an end, if the President is Black or White, Blue or Red, if the economy is good or bad…. Those kids STILL have to undergo chemo, radiation, doctor’s appointments, throw up, have a fever, miss school, etc….

So PLEASE don’t forget to send them your love and support by mail… something they can hold, cherish and know you care.

And most importantly, PLEASE ask friends, family and co-workers to come visit MACS and send mail to the kids. If you rallied to friends and family to vote for Obama or McCain, you can ask them to come to MACS, can’t you?? Word of Mouth can do miracles. From one person it goes to 3, then to 7, then to 10, and so on…

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