As it turns out, Ashley stuck to her guns. The doctors finally installed Tyler’s artificial jaw. After a 13-hour drive, they are now home and dealing with recovery process. He will see the pediatrican for an MRI and other test. He has a lump in his breast that needs to be examined. Pray that it’s not cancerous!

Tyler also needs to go to Atlanta once a month for pain management. The center told Ashley to call Medicaid to find out if there is help to pay for transporting him there.

Tyler is down to 65 pounds at age 13. That is really scary. Darlene said she watched Papa help Tyler to the bathroom and back and it brought her to tears because he looks so so little.

Tyler may have to have a feeding tube soon, but has to see the nutritionist first. They will arrange for a surgeon to put in a feeding tube if he needs it. Darlene says he looks “just so wore out and tired.”

Darlene sends her love and thanks God and everyone for caring and loving Tyler and his family.

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