Hi Everyone,

We just got home from a two-day stay in Charleston so Tyler could see his doctors. This isn’t good news at all. Tyler’s got to have more jaw surgery. The bone is just about to come through the skin and Dr. O’Neal said that he has to do something. He’s setting up surgery and will call us to bring him. Poor baby, I wish so much I could take his place and make it all go away for him. Tyler looked at me and said, “Nanny, get my Xbox and the movies ready. Looks like I’ll be stuck at this hospital a while.”

They said he shouldn’t be there but a day or two; that it depends on how he does. Then he will still have the ear surgery in June. Ashley said they don’t want to do both surgeries together; it may be too much. He still cannot hear in one ear. Dr. O’Neal did say he was talking to Dr. Betsy Davis and see if she wants to do some of her work while Tyler is in surgery. We won’t hear about the leg x-rays for a few days. I pray that the spots are nothing. Soon as we know something I will post it.

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Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
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This is stressful, emotionally and financially.

Tyler Tucker Medical Fund Foundation:
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All funds are used for traveling expenses, medical bills and therapy supplies for Tyler. Thank you. Please keep signing Tyler’s web page and storming heaven for him. We count each time guest book is signed as a prayer. It means a lot to Tyler’s family.

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