Hello Everyone,

Tyler was out of school all week with the flu. He’s doing better now. Has returned to school. e received a letter that Tyler would have to repeat the first grade. The doctor’s office called and canceled Tyler’s appointment so now we won’t go to see the oncologist, and to get his blood work till they call with a new appointment. If they don’t call soon, Ashley will call them. We have a appointment with Dr. Gross on the 12th of May.

About Tyler’s leg and jaw: He sits on the couch and wants me to rub his legs. His jaw doesn’t look too good. He’s having a lot of trouble trying to chew his food. Thank you Mrs. Myers and everyone at Tyler’s school. You all have been wonderful to help with the special treatment that Tyler requires; fixing his food for him, getting some one to tutor him. Thank God that he’s not in a lot of pain and is able to attend school. I pray for Tyler and all the other kids ever day.

We don’t understand why our kids have to go through so much. I know that God has big plans for this strong little boy. Tyler really enjoys all the snail mail. If you have time drop him a card or just a note.

Tyler is still in remission. Thank God. But this is a long way from being over he has done so much to his little body. He has scars all over. Many things that the cancer has caused. For the ones that don’t know, Tyler’s cancer was in his jaw and spread to his lungs. He lost a jawbone and a upper right part of his lung. He has had to have the fibia taken from both legs to try to replace his jaw bone but neither operation worked. He still has no hinge in his jaw, and a bone sticks out of his jaw, but is covered with skin. Tyler has had twenty-six surgeries and will have a lifetime of doctor’s needles and surgeries.

Thank each of you for your kindness and for being Tyler’s angels. We love you all and appreciate all that has been done to help Tyler and his family. One more thing, I want to thank God for letting me know all of you. God has been with our family through it all. If you know God, all things are possible. Storming heaven with prayer for all the sick children.

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