Hello everyone,

Well I finally got back online at the camper, so I wanted to update Tyler’s page. We have been staying in the camper in Charleston since Wednesday. Tyler has seen three doctors already. Dr. Gross said that he thinks Tyler will walk in time. We asked him to send TyTy to another doctor or scan his leg, but he told Ashley he didn’t think it was necessary. He said that the pain will go away; it will just be longer for Tyler because of all the chemo and radiation.

Tyler is seeing Joanie the therapist at the camper. She said she thinks Tyler needs scans of the leg done and that she would call the doctors. Also Dr. Davis said that she will wait to put the mouth piece she made for Tyler’s mouth till he has the ear operation. She will go in the operation room and place this in Tyler’s mouth to hold his jaw over and to help him with eating. We will see Dr. White on the 11th to find out what he plans to do with the hole in Tyler’s ear drum and when that surgery will be. Tyler then goes for cancer scans on the the 7th. He has to be put to sleep and the scan takes all day.

Please pray for Tyler. He still cannot walk and he cannot hear well. He is having a lot of pain in his leg. Our God is so good. God is able to heal Tyler. We will be here through the 12th and then get to visit home before TyTy’s next surgery. I want to say thank you to all of you once again for your kindness for caring; it means so much!

Your kindness will never be forgotten. May God send his blessings to each one of you. This will be Tyler’s 26th surgery. Please keep storming heaven for our little trooper!


Tyler is at the camper in Charleston If you would like to send get well soon cards, gifts.

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