MAY 8 2007 2:14 PM CDT

Well Tyler is back at school .Thank God hes ok. Now baby Jayden has the same thing.He had a fever yesterday 104 yek.He had a infection in both ears and had the virus.I think that it might have come from the new baby Nathan he was sick when I picked him up at social services and was put in the hospital for four days .Thank god I have faith and know that god will see us through all this.I sure didn’t remembers it being so hard with a little baby the nights and days are long and hard. We are still waiting own the musc doctors to call about Tyler jaw surgery .his little mouth hurt him yesterday and he had a real hard Time with his leg last night he has a appointment with shrinners own the tenth About the leg.Ashley and Richie doing good.They are seeing a lot of each other even talking marriage.That’s ok with me as long as they do right by those boys.God gave them these wonderful boys.Well thank you all for caring about Tyler and our family.I wonder what is going to happen next .
I no in my heart that what ever it is I will be able to Handel it I have god holding my hand.

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