Monday, April 23, 2007 5:49 PM CDT

Well time is almost here we will be taken tyty to see the surgeons again on the twenty fith and twenty six.Tyler was talking to my friend .We had to ask three times before we could understand what he was saying.Hes having a hard time chewing his food up .His leg and his jaw are still hurting him.and he continues having to take his pain medications.His little face is drawing more to one side .
I pray that the surgery will help him .That they get everything arranged this time.Tyler really needs something calling tomorrow to try to get a motel at hospital prices. Also thank you pat for the bank tyty loves it .and thanks to the lady that sent Tyler the games for his hand helt game boy ,now he wont get bored own the long ride to Charleston.please keep praying for Tyler.when he has this jaw replacement its going to be really hard own him and our whole family .he also has a pin in his other leg that must come out soon .we are going to try to get it all done while hes in the operating room.god has been with us and with your prayers and my faith we will get through this.
Well I need prayers also for me I know that you all may think AM crazy to have done this but I have taken a another child into my home .it is a new born and belongs to my granddaughter ,shes not able to care for it right now . I couldn’t see it left in a foster home .it was in there a month . I went to court and got temporary custody .I don’t have much but I have a lot of love and can give this child a good home.and share what little I do have. It is five week old little boy .His name is Justin Nathan Burnett.I prayed a long time before I decided to do this but I feel in my heart it was the right thing to do .I no it will be hard .when I picked the little fellow up he was sick and we had to go to the ER .He was put in
The hospital for 4 days.Had a bad virus, tempture.Tyler all ready loves him .Jayden just smiles and can not keep his hands off the baby.well just wanted to ask that you all pray for me that god will guide us in all that we do with Tyler and the new baby.Tyler standing here telling me to tell you all he loves you.We appreciate all you do for Tyler and our family .


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