Friday, February 16, 2007 12:17 AM CST

We have heard from scans and thank God they are still clear.Also Besty Davis called about TylerS surgery but all she had to say was that doctor bock would call us soon and that they had everything almost together.Tyler is having trouble with his jaw its hurting him he cant hardly chew the five teeth he has has no roots and are falling out ,gosh I sure wish the would get something done to help Tyler.His little face is only getting worst .He is in school doing pretty good he loves his teacher miss couch.Shes so good to Tyler she fixes his lunch each day because he cant eat what the other children eat she really takes good care of him while hes away from us Please keep praying for Tyler he needs your prayers he has a long way to go and he will be dealing with all this stuff that the cancer has done to his little body the rest of his life .Thank you all for the snail mail he loved all the valentine cards .He sat for hrs looking at them.Thank everyone that has helped us with food and gas.Any time that you send or put anything in Tyler acc it is used for Tyler’s benefit.It doesn’t mater if it was a dollar it was appreciated .Tyler has come a long way but his future is going to be a lot of pain .so please pray for him every day God hears those prayers.I was going to ask a favor I was wondering if some one that can sew would make Tyler and I a travel bag.Just a cloth bag with maybe TylerS travel bag written on it .Mine with God first wrote on it.If some one has the time it would sure be appreciated.we want to use them to keep our things together while we travel .maybe to take Tyler’s crayons and books in.praying for all the sick cancer kids .we love you all

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