Sunday, January 21, 2007 5:41 PM CST

Hello everyone ,I was going to wait one post after our next trip own Wednesday but decided to go ahead and tell you what this meeting was all about,doctor Besty Davis along with a lot more doctors looked at Tyler,he had a lot of fingers in his mouth.Tyler ask them to please not push his mouth that it would hurt him .Doctor Davis said that they had a plan and were going to go ahead with the surgery.she said that they are going to build a hinge for Tylers jaw .Ashley ask, out of what and she said we had to talk to doctor Bock about that in a coupLe of weeks.when we see him so I spoke up and ask when the surgery was going to be a year or two away that they keep saying they are going to do it but it isn’t happen and Tyler is getting worst. she said soon, she explained that when they have a case as bad as Tylers that they have to plan that there will be a team of doctors at least eight maybe ten she said that all the doctors has to know every sec of what’s going own , who’s doing what.if every doctor doesn’t agree with everything then they have to start a new plan .She says everyone agreeing with this one so the plan is to do his surgery soon.She said that something has to be done that it is only going to get worst.Then Ashley agreed saying that Tyler was all ready feeling pain and that it hurts some when he eats.his little face has started drawing Side ways .He also has a surgery that has to be done own his.He has a pin in it that has to be taken out.He woke up last night crying that his leg soon as we know more I will let you all know .
I wont to try to come up with money to take the camper to Charleston.And get it stocked with food, so that we will have a place to stay and go eat.This would take some of the worriers away I talked to the people at lake air and she said they would give us a discount.It would take a lot off of us if we had a place to stay for a couple of months.we made a trip Friday.Drove there took three and haft hours there and three and haft back it was ten before we got home we have got to go back Wednesday and then go back the week after asking for your prayers pray about all this and God will take care of it I know God has heard all your prayers.Tyler is incredible! How this young boy endures all those Surgeries.Tyler was diagnosed with stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma a rare form of cancer in Jan 2003.His cancer was in his jaw .It spread to both lungs, he has had 19 surgeries this will be the 20th surgery.this is stressful,emotionaqlly financially

Darlene Cox

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