We were told that there’s a piece of metal plate still in Tyler’s jaw and it was attached to bone that is dying and that’s why he’s hurting. They already took two metal plates out.

Medicaid put Tyler on Blue Cross insurance and doesn’t want to pay. It will only pay one hospital here in Greenville and that’s St. Francis. It wont pay MUSC or Maryland. Ashley called and they are taking him back off that insurance and back on Medicaid but he can’t get off and back on medicaid until February. I cannot understand why they would just put him on this insurance, but they did. So this leaves Tyler in a mess trying to get help. Tyler has been doing great for a few weeks then all at once he’s hurting. He could hardly eat at all.

Doctor Rodriguez’s office at John Hopkins called yesterday and said that Tyler needs to stay under care at MUSC until the doctors at Johns Hopkins can evaluate the model of Tyler’s head, which they are waiting to come back. They will study it and let us know if they can help Tyler. We will contact Doctor O’neal tomorrow and see what he says.

MUSC says nothing can be done as far as fixing Tyler’s jaw. I hope that we don’t hear the same from Johns Hopkins.
It’s in Gods hands. At least they can help with the pain and help with his legs. His legs hurt just about every day. They say scar tissue… It hurts me so bad to know that Tyler must go through so much and that there’s nothing I can do but be here for him, loving him and wiping away his tears when he hurts, and praying for him. It was so nice to see him the last few weeks not hurting.

Thank God I have my faith and that there are so many people that love Tyler and his family!

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