Hi Everyone,

Tyler has an appointment December 2nd, at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. We will be driving, if I can come up with the money for gas, motels and food. Just wanted to let you know, please pray they can help Tyler!

Tyler is in remission from cancer, but it could be back at any time. It has left him with so many complications. It has been a Nightmare for years. Please say prayers for all the families that have not been as lucky as us and have lost children to this disease. My heart truly breaks for each and every one of them and for all the families still fighting. Hug your children and let them know how much you love them as life is so precious and we know that first hand. You must make each moment with them a memory that you will have forever. When someone in a family has cancer, The Entire Family has Cancer. It is so hard when it is a child. If it has never happened in your family, “Thank God”. This is a MONSTER. I do not understand the reason. God does, and we will never doubt His Will. We know there is a reason and we will know some day. I thank god each day for Tyler. If we have to do this over, he’s worth it all. I would be right there for Tyler, and Ashley and Jayden.

Please pray that his scans stay clean and that we find a doctor that can do his surgery with out paralyzing Tyler’s face. I just know that the doctors in maryland can help Tyler.

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