Hi everyone,

Had to go to MUSC Hospital yesterday with Tyler. He had two appointments; took all day getting up at six and returning home at ten last night. Tyler saw Dr. White, the ear doctor. He had a test done and found out that he has loss of hearing now in both ears. So, we have more appointments to have more tests, then off to see the doctor about the legs. He’s the one that took the bone from both legs for Tyler’s jaw, Dr. Grose. Well, he says he doesn’t know why Tyler’s legs are hurting so much. He gave him more pain medication and a bigger shoe for his brace. I hope this helps. Anyway, we ended up with five appointments coming up at MUSC of Charleston.

Tyler’s jaw is looking really bad. We have heard from a Doctor at John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. He said that he needs to get Tyler’s last scans and that they are going to try to fix Tyler up. I pray they will be able to help him. We went in to eat and I looked at Tyler and he had turned his chair around to the wall so the people couldn’t see how he has to chew his food.

Yesterday we stopped to feed the kids and this lady kept staring at Tyler. Ashley says mom why can’t she stop looking at him. All i could do was to keep my mouth shut. I wanted to say something so bad.

Thank each of you for being Tyler’s angels. We wouldn’t be able to get Tyler the help he needs so much if it wasn’t for your love and support. You all now who you are and we appreciate you and thank God for each of you. God will bless you all. I say a lot of prayers and I thank God for all of you. I also thank God for being the awesome God He is. I know that they say God doesn’t put more on you than you can take. Well, he must have a lot of trust in me. Each day I praise him for that. Please keep praying for Tyler and our family. Tyler still has a long way to go, but with God I now all things are possible.



People in general, are worrying about a lot of things right now… But remember one thing… TIME, for kids battling a serious illness, DOESN’T STOP!! No matter if the world is coming to an end, if the President is Black or White, Blue or Red, if the economy is good or bad…. Those kids STILL have to undergo chemo, radiation, doctor’s appointments, throw up, have a fever, miss school, etc….

So PLEASE don’t forget to send them your love and support by mail… something they can hold, cherish and know you care.

And most importantly, PLEASE ask friends, family and co-workers to come visit MACS and send mail to the kids. If you rallied to friends and family to vote for Obama or McCain, you can ask them to come to MACS, can’t you?? Word of Mouth can do miracles. From one person it goes to 3, then to 7, then to 10, and so on…

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