Hi, just got back from MUSC. I think Tyler’s going to be going to John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. Ashley signed releases today of records, so I pray it all works out. A letter I received from John Hopkins Hospital is pasted at the bottom of the page.

Tyler has a lot of pain in his neck. He’s on strong meds and his leg is hurting. We go back to MUSC, I think its the 15th.

Dr. Redett, Dr. Tufaro and possibly Dr. Rodrieguez of Johns Hopkins Hospital may be able to help Tyler. Dr. Redett is a pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Tufaro is an oral surgeon and a plastic surgeon who specializes in cancer of the head and neck. And Dr. Rodrieguez is also a plastic surgeon. All 3 surgeons have a great bedside manner and are willing to help Tyler. They would need to see Tylers medical records prior to scheduling an appointment . If you can get a complete record of his history, past surgeries and any recent CT scans or MRI’s. They would need to see the actual studies (CD OR FILMS) not just the reports from the scans. Our address is:

Dr. Richard Redett
601 N. Caroline St
Ste 8152
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: 410-955-9475
Fax: 410-955-7060

As long as your insurance approves you to come out of state for treatment, the surgeons are willing to treat Tyler.

We look forward to receiving Tyler’s records and eventually meeting him.

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