Hi Everyone,

We are going to have a yard sale and hot dog sale for Tyler at New Life Baptist Church on September 6th.

From Jermey:
Well things have been getting pretty bad for Tyler here recently. I’ve seen his face quite a few times now, and it looks worse, and worse every day. It breaks your heart to see that jaw bone fail. So all the things the doctors have done to his face have failed. We appreciated what they have done for Tyler, but we have decided to take a 2nd opinion on his facial reconstruction due to the doctors saying there isn’t much else they can try now. We don’t even know where to start we are trying to find a good doctor to do this for Tyler, but we just don’t have the money to just take him where ever. We can hardly get him to MUSC with the gas prices the way they are right now. It can cost nearly $200-300 just to get there, and back if we have to stay over night we must find a way to raise money, because our last Church auction we got around $1,000 raised, but that’s been gone for a long time now. We really want to thank everyone that is helping financially, and emotionally. Without it, we’d be lost. Recently we got a donation of $200.00, I wanted to publicly thank the person we really appreciate every penny we get.

We dread him having to go to school with the facial problems, cause now that Tyler is older it hurts his feelings when things are said about it. He seems to understand things are not the same for him now. With all the support, and prayers I hope Tyler will hold his head up high, and be proud for the hero he is, because so many people care for him.

If you have any suggestion or just want to show some support please speak up we appreciate it. Suggestion for good doctors would also be helpful if their expertise can help Tyler in anyway.

Please help spread the word about Tyler tell everyone you know post bulletins we need all the support we can get. Please do what you can to help.


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