Just got a call from MUSC. Tyler’s surgery is tomorrow at 12:30. Then we get a call from Dr. Oneal saying he needs to see Tyler on the 14th at 4:00. I tried to get them to do the surgery on the 14th, but was told that it had to be done right away and to have him there tomorrow. Boy, this is really hard. Gas is so high. We will have been to Charleston three weeks in a row when we make next weeks trip. Please pray for our finances, that we will be able to take Tyler to the appointments he needs. WE ARE BROKE. BUT LIKE ALWAYS, I HAVE PUT IT IN GOD’S HANDS. THIS IS STRESSFUL, EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALLY.

The bone in Tyler’s face must be all the way dead. The metal plate is now sticking out almost through the skin. If he fell on it, it would really be bad. THIS IS SO SAD.

Hi Everyone,

Well, there just seems to be no end. We just got back from MUSC Hospital with Tyler seeing Dr. White for his ears. Well your not going to belive this one. When he did the ear surgery, he packed Tyler’s head and ear with packing. They cannot get it out so, we have to go back up there Tuesday the 5th for more surgery. They have to put him to sleep, cut it back open and take the packing out. They seem to think we live next door to the hospital. They keep saying it needs to be done at MUSC. It cost a hundred dollars for gas on Friday and now we have to go back on Tuesday. I am broke and don’t really know what we are going to do. I will contact the social worker and ask for help, but she doesn’t act like she wants to help us any more. I guess Tyler is just old news. I feel so sorry for Tyler.

There are a couple of hospitals that want to see Tyler. I aM trying to get the letter from Dr. Oneal, saying that he doesn’t know what else to do to help Tyler and get them to refer Tyler to go to one of these hospitals. I still wouldn’t know how to get him there. Our money is gone once again. It’s all in God’s hands. Please ask God to help Tyler. I am afraid that Tyler is going to have a life time of suffering. Please sign Tyler’s page. We still count it as a prayer for Tyler and our family.

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