Hi Everyone,

Well the bone in Tyler’s jaw has died. We are all the way back to where he was before the surgery. The doctors don’t know what to do for him. We are going to get a letter saying they don’t know how to help Tyler and try to find him someone that can. His little jaw on one side looks like a two year old’s jaw; starting to look really bad. But he will always be beautiful in my eyes.

We need a Miracle for Tyler. This means he went through both jaw replacements and the fibia being taken from his legs for nothing. Everything they tried has failed. I think that the doctors really were trying to help Tyler but he was mutilated. His neck and legs looking really bad; scars all over his body. It’s all in God’s hands. Please keep praying for TyTy.

We head back to MUSC Hospital to see Dr. White Friday. If there’s a doctor out there in web land that thinks he can help Tyler, please let us hear from you! Please sign Tyler’s web page. Let us know you are still here with us: www.caring.org/SC/tylertucker

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