More bad news.

The screws in Tyler’s legs are loose, both of them. They said we will have to take him back to MUSC and let Dr. Gross do what needs to be done. Shriners thinks that Dr. Gross should take care of Tyler because they know him and his case. We asked about transfering Tyler, but they gave no response. We called Dr. Gross and he had just had surgery himself, so he won’t be able to see Tyler until the middle of January.

The scar tissue is causing Tyler alot of pain. He needs the surgeon to try to do something with some of the scarring. We have an appointment here to see a surgeon. We are getting the x-rays and sending them to a good friend in NJ. He is a therapist and has some connections that may have some answers for Tyler. I hope so. The jaw x-rays have been sent to Johns Hopkins Hospital. We are praying they will be able to help Tyler.

Tyler says Merry Christmas, and he loves everyone!

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