Hello everyone,

Tyler is doing okay. He started back to school just a few hours and the home bound teacher is coming on Saturday now. He loves his teacher and the social worker, Mrs. Myers. She fixes his food and he knows he can go to her if he needs anything and she will help him. The nurse at school called and said she’s having to give Tyler his pain medication. His legs and jaw hurt him. We still haven’t heard from Johns Hopkins Hospital. I know it must take a long time to get things arranged for surgery like the one Tyler needs for his jaw. I am also a little worried about his chest. It sinks into his back. Please pray about all this. God hears our prayers.

Tyler is getting to be a big boy; he’s still a sweet heart. We are going to move into Grandpa Cox’s house. It’s going to be a little while. They were pack rats and boy what a bunch of stuff in the house. Then it needs paint and some repairs. So we will move in a couple of months. Tyler says I am not going with out him, no way. He said, “Nanny, if you’re going to live in the woods, then I am too!”

Tyler’s little NEW brother is doing great and is now seven pounds. Jayden is doing really well also and Nathan couldn’t be any sweeter. Ashley says no more babies. Gosh, we sure cannot afford any more. Ethan is here and we will love him and take care of him. Ethan looks just like TyTy.

Tyler still loves getting all the snail mail and we thank each of you for sending it to him. If you are reading Tyler’s, page please take a minute and sign his guest book. It means a lot to us. We count each as one more prayer for Tyler. I always think of how many other children that are in worse shape than Tyler and how brave they all are. I pray each day for all of them and their families, and I thank God each day for my TyTy. I love him so much. There’s going to be a life time of doctors, hospitals, and needles for Tyler. I promised Tyler that I would be with him and do all I can for him always. God bless each of you and we love you all so much.

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