Still no word from Dr. Rodriquez at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I will call them this Friday if I haven’t heard anything. I don’t understand why they haven’t contacted us. Dr. Rodriquez told us that they are going to do Tyler’s surgery. His jaw is lookaying worse and is hurting on both sides. He’s also having a lot of pain in both his legs and hip. We are contacting MUSC and going to take him to a new doctor there that is taking doctor Gross’s place. Dr. Gross is out because he had to have surgery.

Well for the bright side of things, Tyler is still in school every day and all day. He likes school and has learned a lot. He’s really a smart little boy. We spent last Saturday at a car show so we could help raise money for Courageous Kidz -A Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer….giving the Magic of Hope! We all had a great time.

Also there’s a lady that sends movies to Tyler. Tyler and I thank her so much. She’s been a true friend. We love you all and we still need all the prayers that Tyler can get. God hears those prayers. God bless each of you and if you have a few seconds, we love to read the guest bookay, so leave us a message. It means a lot to know you care so much.

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