Good news!

Dr. Rodriquez from Johns Hopkins Hospital called this morning. Tyler’s new Titanium Jaw has been ordered and they are waiting on a date for Tyler’s surgery that was already being set up. Dr. Rodriquez said that this will help Tyler with pain and with his lookays. Thank God, your and my prayers are being answered.

We took Tyler to the dentist here yesterday because he was really hurting in his mouth. Dr. Fogel was saying that she thought he may need exploratory surgery on his face because she didn’t know what to do for him. Dr. Rodriquez said no, unless it was an emergency and had to be done. Anyway, he will be getting his new jaw. Please keep praying.

This will be a long surgery and your prayers are needed. We go to MUSC in Charleston on the 2nd of April to get x-rays of Tyler’s legs. Shriners Hospital had said that the screws were loose in both his legs and now MUSC doctors think the screws have slipped, causing pain in his hip and both legs. We love you all. Thank you all so much.

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