We have the date that Tyler will get his new jaw. It is June 16th and he has to be at the hospital in Maryland at five that morning, surgery at seven. If everything goes well, we should be there a couple of weeks. I have prayed so long and hard for Tyler to get help and I believe that God has answered my prayers. I just know that God has sent the’se doctors.

Tyler is home from MUSC Hospital but isn’t doing to well he’s crying with both his legs and jaw hurting. He’s on a lot of pain medication and it makes him really hyper. Tyler has to go back to Charleston MUSC on Thursday. The screws are loose in Tyler’s legs, making both his leg and hip hurt. Tyler will see Dr. Gross.

I am sending a special thank you out to all of you you have been wonderful. Please keep praying for Tyler and our family. We need those prayers I know God hears all the prayers, and the snail mail Tyler receives makes him smile. Thank each of you for that also.

Also, a few people sent mean comments, and said that we shouldn’t take the whole family. We don’t have any one trust worthy to watch the babies and my husband had a strokaye. He’s fine but doesn’t need to be left with a two year old for two weeks. The babies eat free and if we have to stay in a motel, there are two beds, same price. It takes just as much gas for the car if theres one or five in it. I talked to the hospital and they said that the child that is having surgery does better if the family’s there. So please, no mean comments. I can’t handle it right now. I also know that if you were in my shoes you would do the same thing.

I will get Tyler to have this surgery if I have to sleep in the car with the kids. For all the people that love and care so much for Tyler, we are grateful. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Tyler wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your prayers. God bless each of you and we love you all.



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