Hi Everyone,

Tyler is having a really hard time. He can hardly eat and his legs are hurting him badly. We took him to school yesterday but he was only there a few minutes. Tyler had to take medication for pain before he went to school and it made him sick, so his teacher gave him a cracker the cracker hurt his jaw trying to chew it so they had to call us to come get him.

We notified his dentist and she said until he gets his jaw surgery she can’t do anything to his mouth and we should take him to the ER. Ashley told her that they would just give more pain medication and send him home. He has pain medication already. Dr. Oneal was called he said he will have to readmit him and put a feeding tube in if he does not start eating. Give it a little while, try to get him to eat something. He does not want to put a feeding tube in before Tyler’s surgery if he can help it.

Next step, called Hopkins’s and was told to try to get something in him even if it was soup; that they really need to try to wait till his surgery date if they possibly can. Darn. This morning, same thing. Tyler wakes up four in the morning crying with leg pain. D.r Gross says he does not understand why his legs hurt. I can. The screws are loose and the bones are gone.

I really worry about Tyler he only eats a few things now and he can hardly eat at all. His little face is getting worse. I pray that this surgery is the answer and that we will be able to get him there. THIS IS STRESSFUL, EMOTIONALLY, FINANCIALL, so please put our family and Tyler in your prayers. As my friend from Courageous Kidz always tells me: put it in God’shands and it will all be okay.

We love you all and if you want to send Tyler a card please send to


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