Hello Everyone,

We have heard from Dr. White and he wants us to bring Tyler to his office at MUSC Hospital on the19th. He said that he wants to see Tyler and then he wants to contact Dr. O’Neal and see if he can do the ear surgery while Tyler is having his jaw surgery on the 3rd. This will be good. We don’t know how long Tyler will be at the hospital on the3rd; they said it’s just according to how he does. All of you please storm heaven for Tyler and our family. Even if you haven’t been able to help financially we appreciate the prayers so much.

Pray that our little boy will be just fine and that he won’t suffer a lot going through this operation and that our financial needs will be meet so that we can stay with Tyler as long as he needs us. God has done so much for our family I want to thank God for all the miracles that he has given Tyler. I don’t understand why Tyler has suffered so much. I have faith in our Lord and know that God has plan for Tyler. God sent Tyler the teacher I had been praying for. The best thing of course is that you all keep praying for TyTy.

Send snail mail:
Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
P.O. Box 14386
Greenville, SC 29610

This is stressful, emotionally and financially.

Tyler Tucker Medical Fund Foundation:
Tyler’s PayPal Account for the Tyler Tucker Foundation:

All funds are used for traveling expenses, medical bills and therapy supplies for Tyler. Thank you. Please keep signing Tyler’s web page and storming heaven for him. We count each time guest book is signed as a prayer. It means a lot to Tyler’s family.

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