Tyler’s asking to go to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus that will be here in Greenville on January 30 – February 3rd. Someone got tickets last year but it was a small version. This one suppose to be the big event.

Hi Everyone, Tyler is feeling better and is back in school he’s went for three days now. He’s good. Doctor said he had the Rotavirus again, the 3rd time. If someone else has it, you can bet Tyler will get it in a few days. We need to get in touch with Dr. Betsy Davis. Tyler’s jaw and mouth are hurting when he tries to eat. He has to gum everything. He only has about five teeth and they wobble because they have no roots. His leg is still hurting and we are giving him nothing unless it’s really bad keep praying.
Tyler loves getting the snail mail. Thanks to all who take time to send him a card or a note. Everyone else is doing fine. We are doing really good.

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