JANUARY 7, 2008 7:30 PM CST
Hi every one.
We just got back from musc with Tyler .They say that he is death in one of his ears said that we need to come back for another visit and that he will be having surgery in the summer to see if they can make him hear better.we have appointments with the cancer clinic on the 18th of feb. Also have four more appointments.I don’t have the list right in front of me.He has been doing great but has started with his legs hurting and his jaw again .He will see Dr gross I think that is also feb .They put him back own strong pain medication again.Tyler can not sleep at night just lays there his mom makes him go to bed but he has a real hard time getting to sleep.Hes so sweet he puts his little arms around me and says I love you nanny Melts my heart .Hes really skinny .His little face is not any better .I don’t think his last surgery done any good He says his leg hurts and the brace hurts him but at times he jumps around like theres nothing wrong. [I really think that hes hipar].Other times hes crying.
I want to tell every one that I need prayers for Tyler.God hears all your prayers.
I called flash at courageous kids yesterday and she was with a family of a three year old that had passed away From cancer.Made me think of how lucky we are.no one wants to see there child suffer.Tyler has had a lot of pain and suffering.
That little boy could have been ours. God has decided to let Tyler stay here with us for a while.I realized that Tyler going through all this has led people to jesus.That doctors have learned so much .Now because of Tyler they help other kids.
My God is a mighty God , he can cure these children.
Well I guess you have heard enough.
Once again thank you all for everything .Christmas was wonderful.Because you care we have been able to travel with Tyler for his treatments and appointments.
God bless each of you we love you all.

TYLERS PAY PAL ACC. Tyler Tucker Foundation

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