Thursday, December 27, 2007 7:30 PM CST
Hello every one.
Sorry I couldn’t update sooner.I want to tell you that I think Christmas was one of the best that the kids have had since tyty got sick.I want to thank God for all the wonderful friends that not only care about Tyler but care about our family.You all have been with us for four years.what a blessing.That you all care about what has happen in our lifes.I want to thank each of you.Your kindness will never be forgotten.First sending prayers. Please keep praying for Tyler he has a life time of doctors and hospitals to look forward to.The cards,Tyler really in joys the cards it puts a smile own his face. There was all kinds of gifts anough that made it a wonderful day.I remined the whole family of the meaning of christmas and that it was jesus birthday.I want try to mention all by name sent things from games to cars to ride own toys for the babies.Gift cert for Tyler and transformers ,a coat for Tyler and pjs for all three kids.There were pants and shirts for all the kids.I known I haven’t gotten it all down ,There were blankets for all three boys I know each stitch was stitched with love.There was just so much stuff.It all came in plenty of time for Christmas.The boys had a ball opening every thing
The cancer society even gave Tyler’s name to some one and they also got for the kids.Happy days sent gifts.Johnson and Johnson of Charleston sent money for gas and Christmas.Tyler deserves all the happy ness that he can get hes sure suffered anough.We went in the kids room and went through there toys and put then own the curb.Hoping that some one in need would stop and get them.I will add some new pictures soon.I want to try re do Tyler’s page soon.Please know that we love each of you sooo much
Tyler will have app again in Charleston in January .
He will have to have his legs and his face looked at.His face really starting to look bad.He is doing good right now.It feels so good to be able to tell you all that.Tyler is not taken a lot of medications.He takes pain meds once in a while instead of every day.Thank god hes not hurting like he was.Once again thank you so much we couldn’t have given the kids a good Christmas if you all hadn’t cared about us.Disability only goes so far.
Pays the bills but little left for other things

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