SATURDAY 17TH, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
Hey everyone
First I need to tell you that Tyler is sick again .He has a bad cold . with part of his lung gone its hard on him he has a lot of trouble breathing.He went to the doctor today.was feeling a little better tonight.Also he tried to walk with out his brace and fell and cut his nee .It bleed a good bit but he is ok .The doctors seem to think that Tyler is scared to walk because of all that has been done to him twenty six surgeries and seven year old is more than most people ever have .
what a trooper
I also want to tell you we found someone to pull the camper home .
Thank God
And my brother in law and his son are working own the truck .They said it may be a seal gone out of the transmission.Any ways we are home and we are all safe .And we thank God each day for all that has been done to help Tyler and his family .I can tell you prayer works . please keep praying Tyler will have more surgeries all through life .prayer is the best thing any one can give. I hope each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving .I know that our family has so much to be thank full for.God has let us no the real meaning of thanks giving .Hes let our little tyty stay here on earth with us .Oh how I know he has such great plans for this child . I hope each of you know God .
Thank you all that are helping with Christmas .Because you care Tyler jayden and Nathan will have a good Christmas. Thank you .Thank you .May God bless each of you


I just got back a few mins ago from Charleston had a allfull trip went to pull camper home and the transmission went out own the truck.Had to get a wrecker to pull truck home . Cost four hundred dollars .A sweet lady from helped get the truck home .Campers sitting in Columbia .Don’t known how in the world am going to get it home .
I had to sit from two today till seven with my 8 month old on the side of the road .GOSH what a day .FLASH told me not to worry it would all work out.This couldn’t have happen at a worst time with Thanks Giving Christmas right around the coner and taxes will be here soon .Seems like theres just one thing after another.
All of you just say a prayer for me.
Any ways its not the end of the world ive had a whole lot worst happen.Only god knows why .Please keep praying for tyty
Your prayers are being answered Tylers not having a lot of pain
hes playing like a little boy should be.

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