Tuesday, October 2, 2007 7:54 PM CDT
OPPS- I for got to thank
Ron and Rosiland Banks.you are kind sweet caring people.They also donated money for us to get buy and pay camper space. we were out of money and they helped us. Then took us to checky cheese.Gave tyler a lot of clothing so he can wear to school .thank you thank you and we love you
Hello everyone
We are back in Greenville .we will be going back to Charleston again on the 10th .11th and 12th for Tyler’s doctor appointments. He seen Dr white on Monday and he said that he thinks he should wait till may to do the operation on Tyler’s ear.He said that Tyler’s jaw isn’t well and he thinks it will only make things worst.he said that because of the chemo and radiation it was going to take Tyler a long time to heal .his little neck still has the bone sticking out and he still hasn’t gotten in school yet.he also got the clam shell cast on his leg .He still can not walk with the cast off but seems to be doing well with it own .Hes still having some pain but that also is a lot better.we Sure wont to thank god that Tyler is doing better . All these trips and food really cost a lot round trip its eight hrs.thank each of you that have help us .we love you all .Tyler will be having his birthday party thanks to a kind man named Steven .He
A wonderful caring person . God sent I know .
I also wont to say a special thank you to all the people of Hollywood and lake air camp ground .they have showed us how much they care .Terry your meals are wonderful. Cindy thank you and everyone that helped you Tyler .jayden/Nathan love all the toys . we sure needed the donations for food and gas .you all have been wonderfull.Amber and Chris thank you and your mother and fathering law. If not for your kindness we wouldn’t be at lake air .then there were a couple of people from a church that donated money .please know how much it was appreciated. The money was used to buy gro and gas.I think god sent each of you.
If I missed any one please know that we appreciate and love you all so much .its not over yet but tyty has come a long way. A six year old having twenty six surgeries .wow what a trooper;
Pat thank you for coping all those movies for tyty he loves them.
Flash thank you so much for all you have done to help us.and to get help for our family. I don’t known what I would do with out you .I love you .
Shannon my dear friend I wont to thank you and your mom for the trip to chuckey cheese and the little party you gave tyty . For all the baby sitting you have done with Nathan thank you for loving our babies .for being there for me .your always a phone call away .
Tyler still would love birthday cards so if you have one lying around maybe you could send it to him

Please sign tytys guest book we count each time as a prayer for tyty and our family



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