sunday September 9, 2007 6:23 AM CDT
Well everything that was planed for this week has been changed .They changed our app .Wanted to see Tyler own Thursday and Fri this week we could not do that baby Nathan has doctor appointments also and his was in Greenville own Thursday.and another own the 24th .So Ashley and I decided to come back to Greenville .We will have to call and get them to see Tyler after twenty fourth.
We was home sick any ways.
I wanted to let you all know that the prayers are working .
Tyler is walking with the brace own better than he was with out the brace he still can not stand up .He also hasn’t had to take as much pain meds.Tyler will be having the ear surgery but we don’t known when yet .
That’s one of the appointments we didn’t get to keep .
Some time I think these doctors think we live at musc hospital.
I will just pray hard and keep my faith .I know my god can heal Tyler.
We love you all and you can still send snail mail to the camper or the Po box up above, He will get it .HE STILL LOOKS THE MAIL EACH DAY THAT HES ABLE


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