wed aug-8th 07
Hi Tyler is doing better .He is healing.Thank God and thank you all for the prayers ,
We had a lot of appointments but some were concealed. Tyler went to see doctor Oneal and doctor Gross , doctor Gross put a new cast own his leg and he has started walking .He was suspose to had scans and was to see his oncologist at cancer clinic but that was all canceled.They want to see him on the 20th 23rd.twenty seventh this month and on the seventh of sep.He has a lot coming up we are back at home a few days but our camper is still in Charleston .Because we still will be needing to stay there for a few weeks.Thank each of you we couldn’t have done it with out you all .Thank you. All so to agreat big thank you Steven for giving tyty his puppie. He really loves it and as you said it gives him a reason to stay strong. just remember that he is better.We thank God for that .We still have a ways to go so please keep praying.God hears those prayers . We will be heading back to Charleston before long so Tyler can keep all his DR oppointments .we can afford to drive up there for each appointments . We are conformable in the camper .I TURLEY KNOW GOD HAS WONDERFULL PLANS FOR OUR DEAR SWEET TYLER

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