Hi everyone .new photoes in photoes.just look at that smile
Well Tyler did good with the surgery Friday . Guess what he went to the doctor today and the graft has come off .Will have to be redone .we got to come to Greenville today but will have to return to Charleston on Sunday for lots of doctor appointments next week and to see what they are going to do about the bone sticking out tytys neck .He still can not walk .Still having pain but not as bad as it was .The neck looks a lot better . We still don’t know how long we will be staying in the camper in Charleston .just depends own how well tyty dose .He has a nurse and theorist coming to the camper to try to get him better and walking .First I want to thank god and all the wonderful people that have helped us from paying for our camp space to bring water to the camper.
You cant drink the water at the camp ground .or a phone ask how we were. doesn’t mater if you sent a dollar or a card or
A toy for tyty and jayden.what ever we appreciate you all so much.Pat thank you for all the hard work and love you put in to burning all the movies for Tyler he watches them all the Time .thank every one that has sent cards and money so we could buy gas and eat .it has helped so much .because we were broke and didn’t know what we were going to do but once again I put it all in gods hands.god was watching over us .and has seen that we had what we need .I haven’t been able to update there was no Internet at the camp ground for days shes suppose to be getting it fixed .please keep praying for Tyler .Hes got a long ways to go . This was a big step toward getting him well. My husbands disability pays our bills here at home but leaves nothing to help with Tyler.PLEASE SIGN TYTYS GUEST BOOK EWE COUNT IT AS A PRAYER FOR TYTY

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