monday july 23 007
Well Tyler was seen at doctor Oneals office .
Hes headed to surgery 27th .
The bone is coming through his jaw .Doctor said he didn’t know why Tyler jaw shifted . Dear lord this little boy has got to be the strongest kid in the world .They will be drafting skin and trying to cover the bone on Friday .While he is in the operating room .
Tyler is in a wheel chair and can not walk .
He crawls to the bath room and around in the camper.
Poor Ashley was at the doctors all day today . She really home sick .poor Tyler having to go through all this .I wish I could just do it all for him .only god can help Tyler .so please say a prayer for Tyler hes had a lot of pain .we don’t know how long we will have to stay at the camper and in Charleston .its hard to sit there but we will as long as it takes /I want to thank all the angels that have been coming to visit and helping us to be able to stay in Charleston with Tyler .the money that has been donate is all going on food and camper space and gas .thank you so much
I know god sent you to us.thank you all that have sent cards an gifts to Tyler .



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