FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2007 4:00 PM CDT
Hi everyone
Well Tyler not feeling good at all.
Hes hurting in his leg and can not walk .His theorist thinks that something happen to Tyler leg in surgery .Its the first leg that they operated own. He cant not stand own it it turns sideways when he tries to walk and hurts really bad .She said that she don’t no if its broke or what has happen to him .The theorist said that something is wrong she is calling the doctor because Tyler screamed when she tried to get him to walk.his neck the doctor said is ok but boy it really looks bad .He is own a lot I mean a lot of pain meds . If his leg is broken i Will really be pitching a fit ,some one would have had to pick him up by it to have broken it .maybe not knowing it all ready had the fibula taken out of it .he also has a two inch spot on his butt that looks like he was laid own something .he didn’t have this when he went in surgery .please keep praying for tyty hes really been through some rough days.Hes a strong little boy
God has been with him all the way .
I want to thank each of you that have help us some has sent money that we so desperately need. Others have sent card and gifts for Tyler .We want you all to know that it is appreciated .most of all we appreciate all the prayers .God hears your prayers.
We have been away from home a month now. Its hard to stay away from your home but we will be with Tyler as long as he needs us.
Our camper space is three hundred a month and food ,gas.THIS IS STRESSFUL,EMOTIONALLY,FINANCIALLY God has seen that we have what we have needed . WE THANK GOD.for al you wonderful people that love Tyler and care.
Jayden and Nathan are doing good .I have found this wonderful lady that wants to be Nathan god mother .she dose so much for him she takes him and keeps him when ever I need her she loves him and buys him things .so I want to thank god that she has come in to our lives. I think god sent her .
Please keep praying for Tyler this is a long way from being over .
We love you all.
Please sign his guest book we count it as one more prayer.

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