july -6-07


Hey Tyler is out of the hospital and staying in camper .He is in a lot of pain.
He has to be close to the hospital .He has a feeding tube in nose .His jaw has a really bad cut and is draining on his jaw .His mouth is wired shut .His leg is cut from the nee down .And is in a wheel chair he can not walk.The other leg is hurting worst than the one he had cut .He Will have a nurse coming out to camper .And a therispt.He will have feeds delivered for feeding tub .He will be going to see three different doctors Monday .Doctors say we must stay in Charleston till Tyler s jaw is unwired and feeding tub is out of nose .They don’t like sending them home on a nose feeding tub.So we will be her for a few months .AM all ready home sick .But I will stay with my tyty no matter how long it takes .We are just trusting in God and know that things are going to be ok .please pray that Tyler will be better soon .at least the surgery is over and hes still with us .Thank you jesus.THIS IS STRESSFUL,EMOTIONALLY,FINANCIALLY

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