June 28:

Tyler seems to still be doing well. He has cried once when they changed one of his tubes, but overall he has done well. They may have to insert a feeding tub into Tyler, and Fix his blood flow monitoring. This may require him to go back in the surgery room, but is shouldn’t be too dangerous for them to fix.

When I got to visit Tyler (Jermey uncle)…

I asked Tyler are you ok, and he shook his head “yes” I felt so bad for him, But I’m so happy he is ok. This has to be one the most stressful few days of my life, and my entire family. You just have to sit, and pray the doctors don’t call in with horrible news. I told him I loved him before I left. This boy has to be the strongest person I’ve ever known. I know some adults would give up through all this, and it’s got to be even harder for a small child. I’m so happy Tyler is ok that’s the most important thing to me, and our family.

Everyone was surprised to see Tyler respond to our questions in the condition he was in so positively. I also must say I’m proud of the doctors at MUSC they did a wonderful job on tyler.

Please continue to support Tyler! Please pray that he doesn’t have any more complications or infections. We are look forward to seeing Tyler getting out of MUSC, and back to playing like a normal kid.

We are expecting a speedy recovery the power of prayers can really help!

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